The Benefits of Choosing Ammonia-Free Hair Dye

The next time you get your hair dyed, consider choosing an ammonia-free hair color.

Ammonia has been used in hair dye for years because it made for a more durable, richer hair color. And, while it’s acceptable to use hair dye containing ammonia one or two times, consistent use can lead to damaged, weak hair, as well as scalp irritations. Luckily, hair color technology has come a long way, and you can get beautiful results with ammonia-free hair dye, without the harmful side effect of ammonia. Here are just a few of the many reasons to choose an ammonia-free hair dye the next time you color your hair:

#1. It’s easier on your scalp.

When you have dyed your hair in the past, have you ever experienced a burning or itching sensation during the process? This is a common effect of ammonia, and you won’t have to experience that kind of scalp irritation when you choose a no-ammonia hair color. Some people even experience allergic reactions from ammonia, which are, of course, eliminated when you choose hair color without ammonia.

#2. It keeps your hair healthier.

Besides the negative effects ammonia can have on your scalp and skin, it also doesn’t do your hair any favors. That’s because ammonia actually raises the pH level of your hair so high that the cuticle stays open for a lot longer than it should. This results in the loss of proteins and moisture that help to keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Ammonia-free dye, on the other hand, will keep your hair’s pH level more alkaline, and helps to preserve the necessary proteins and nutrients.

One other way that ammonia hair dye can damage your hair is that it damages the hair cuticles, which leads to split ends. All of this makes your hair much weaker overall. With ammonia-free hair color, you won’t have to worry about damage to your hair. In fact, using a hair color without ammonia can even be beneficial for your hair, making it shinier and healthier.

#3. It won’t cause sinus problems.

One of the little-down downsides of using hair dye with ammonia is that it can actually cause sinus problems. Believe it or not, ammonia exposure is actually a common reason why some people develop sinusitis. But, luckily, just like with all of the other problems ammonia causes, when you choose an ammonia-free hair dye, you won’t have to worry about sinus trouble

Turn to Pure Organic Hair Salon for professional, ammonia-free hair color in Sewell.

Most of the commercial hair dyes available at beauty stores and even at hair salons today have ammonia in them, and if you’re looking for an alternative, you’ve come to the right place. At Pure Organic Hair Salon, we’re proud to use ammonia-free hair color, but that doesn’t limit the coloring services we provide. Whether you’re looking for a root touch-up, all-over color, highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre or any other hair coloring service, we’ve got you covered! Schedule your ammonia-free hair coloring appointment today!